“Citing Bar” is a platform exploring the environmental humanities, sustainability and feminism. The title takes ‘drinking’ –the mandarin homophonic of ‘citing’– as a ritual of both nurturing the bodies and connecting to a holistic nature, while paying homage to the evolving concept of “politics of citation” to correspond to the core spirit of the project, that is, to acknowledge origins, borders and ordeals, thereby building a sense of solidarity for the purpose of enabling land, the environment, human and more-than-human to prosper together.

While stimulating cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, ‘citing bar’ wishes to expand multiple forms of knowledge, ecological wisdom and worldviews transmitting transformative energy into this planet that is bombarded by multiple crises and conflicts. Apart from making space for exhibitions, library (reading) and tea-drinking (resting), participatory events including translation, research, writing, reportage and publication will be organized to raise sustained awareness of care and justice.

In 2023,‘Citing Bar’ will unfold as four sub-projects at Solid Art Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan with each sub-project looking at core concepts on rest, healing, immigrants, crip ecology and climate justice, and their intersectionalities.