“Citing Bar” is a platform exploring feminist environmental humanities. As a Mandarin homophone for “drinking”, the title “citing” also acts as a ritual of nurturing both the body and the holistic connection to nature. Additionally it pays homage to the evolving concept of the “politics of citation” aligning the core spirit of the project, that is, to acknowledge origins, borders and ordeals, thereby fostering a sense of solidarity for the purpose of enabling the prosperity of land, the environment, human and more-than-human alike.

While stimulating cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations, “Citing Bar” aims to broaden the spectrum of knowledge, ecological wisdom and worldviews, channeling transformative energy into this planet that is bombarded by multiple crises and conflicts. In addition to exhibition spaces, the venue featured a library for reading and a tea-drinking section for relaxation; meanwhile, participatory events including talks, screenings, writing, reportage and publications were organized to continually raise awareness about care and justice.

In 2023, “Citing Bar” featured four sub-projects at Solid Art in Taipei, Taiwan, all revolving around the closely intertwined concepts of rest, healing, immigration, crip ecologies and climate justice. This publication serves as a summary of the various explorations and learnings throughout the four seasons of the year. Presented in the form of a newspaper to facilitate the flow of information, it also crystallizes as an invitation and an end-of-year blessing to the world.