Songs of Rest: An Intervention In the Complex Genre of the Lullaby

Holly Pester

This essay is the product of thinking, researching and singing lullabies. As a practitioner-researcher in Hubbub, Holly Pester led a series of workshops that experimentally and collaboratively explored lullabies through conversation and improvised song. This led to an expanded project where Holly invited artists and musicians to collaborate on a col-lection of new lullabies, created through friendship and improvisation.

The thoughts and provocations within this chapter represent the politics and ideas that have motivated this project.

Keywords: Care, Creative criticism, Lullaby, Narrative, Protest song, Reproductive work


Pester, H. (2016). Songs of Rest: An Intervention in the Complex Genre of the Lullaby. In The Restless Compendium (pp. 113–118). Palgrave Macmillan.

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