Infected Dreams – Immersion here now

Citing Bar I – Bear Hole


This special event “Infected Dreams – Immersion here now”, directed by artist TING Chaong-Wen, the performance by Peking Opera actress HSU Li-Ying, with sound design by theatre composer HSU Chia-Ming. Through the performance, the artist further explores and extends the process of how “symbols are manipulated to experience change” in cross-media narratives, as well as the relationship between specific cultural contexts and their expanded materials. The narrative “ritual” of interwoven stories is presented to reflect on themes such as technology, identity politics, and the death of nature. By using the body as a medium, the performance disrupts imperceptible interactions, reconnecting us to the network that we have already coexisted with in all things.

HSU Li-Ying
Li-Ying Hsu graduated from the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, majoring in female of the coquettish type, actively participate in practical performances and opera performances, worked in Contemporary Legend Theater, Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre and Guoguang Opera Company. In addition to traditional opera performances, also shuttles between advertisements, dramas, videos, and popular music.

HSU Chia-Ming
Chia-ming Hsu graduated from the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, majoring in Jinghu under the tutelage of Wu Ming-sheng, learning traditional music practices such as Peking Opera, Taiwanese Opera, Nanguan and Beiguan, as well as computer music and electronic sound. He is currently a musician, mainly acting as Jinghu accompaniment. He is also a freelance music composer, engaged with theater music design and the recording of albums and soundtracks.